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Firefighter Al "Buz" Anderson

Firefighter Al "Buz" Anderson

Final Call June 22, 2006

At 1:18 pm, on June 22, 2006, the Wellington Fire District responded to a 911 call for a water rescue, in Wellington Township. The department's Dive Rescue members responded to the call, with initial reports of two juveniles, in the water. The initial attempt to save the juveniles, who had attempted to drive their vehicle through the ROAD CLOSED barricades and rushing water, was unsuccessful. During a second attempt to reach the juveniles, Diver Allan "Buz" Anderson, Jr. entered the water, attached to a safety line. Water conditions rapidly deteriorated and he was overcome by the water current. At that point, the diver was extricated by rescue personnel using his attached safety line.

While Anderson was being removed, additional personnel successfully reached the two victims and removed them safely from the water. After Anderson was removed from the water, medical care was initiated by fire and EMS personnel. He was eventually transported by Lifeflight to Cleveland Metro Hospital. Resuscitation efforts at the hospital were unsuccessful.

Al "Buz" Anderson was 47 years old. He served on the Wellington Fire District's Dive Rescue team for 4 years and was a trained swift water rescue diver with fifteen years experience. Buz was married to his wife Julie for 20 years and had 4 children. Buz was a second generation firefighter, following in his Dad's Footsteps, Al Sr.


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